Thursday, April 11, 2013

Just decided to write today since it has been so long coming here! I am still in a lot of pain due to my back and neck,bone spurs,degenerative disk disease,etc..!I am so angry with how our President is running things today and all the stress He is putting on the American people !!It is hard enough for all of us to live today with the prices of food,housing,health,and all our needs being met with what we earn at work or with what we get when we are disabled from the work field!I think the president and all congress,government ,should try living with the same amount that middle class or lower class live with,see if they would be able to even go one day without their lifestyle!!LOL!!I am so ,absolutely disgusted at how much the president is giving out of his earnings ,5%,WOW!!! $1,500.00 a year? That is like pennies from his pocket and he thinks he is doing such a great thing???Now he is going to mess with our yearly raise in cost of living? How about mess with their own cost of living over there in Washington D.C.? How about cutting some of your own instead of messing with the struggling american people who work so hard for the small amounts they make each day to provide for their families!Now bring in more Alien workers so they can take those jobs also that belong to the American people who are more than willing to work .They try to say those are jobs that nobody wants,well have they given them a chance to get the job? No, right away they hire the illegals because they can pay lower wages and have no argument. They don't have to worry about taking out for their taxes,SSI,or health insurance,why not they save a billion each year by hiring these people!!Now they are working on a reform so more workers can come take more jobs.I cannot believe what is happening in this Country" We The People",what has happened to our honor and what has happened to the caring for one another that we once had back in, like, the 6o's to 80's it seems to have been lost more and more!!Health care used to be a lot easier for all of us to get and we did not seem to be quite as greedy as we are today ,or should I say our Doctors and Health Providers .Our insurance is being taken away more and more since we have to help so many new people who are not even citizens of these United States!This is what I believe,I have gone eight years now with so much pain everyday that radiates down my legs and arms yet all that gets done is the same circle over and over,change this med and change that med like a guinea pig ! I am so tired of living anymore at times and don't want to live the rest of my life this way!!My insurance only pays about a third of what the Surgeons want so they will not even consider me a candidate for surgery,I will rather go than be this way!What is it that has to be done for us to wake up and hear and see what is happening to our, once ,country that helped one another and cared for our fellow man?? Where is the fight for our constitutional rights and our pride in our freedom of speech gone. It seems we are just letting it go and we will end up loosing it completely!!I don't want to loose my freedom of speech and the right to have a life free of pain,the Patients Rights says this is given to all !Just in a mood to rant and I know it is all mixed up here but who cares ,I feel so much inside it gets frustrating and I don't know how to express it in a way that is in order!!Forgive me if it is all mixed up here and just please let me rant on and on!!!Maybe we all need to do more of it!!! 

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