Saturday, May 07, 2011

WOW! Hello Stranger!

Well,I have not written for some time now so it probably seems to you that I have become a lost soul or stranger to all of you.I have been busy with helping to get my house in order and still sorting for the Big Spring Yard sale, I just wish that I could have a place of my own so I could start my very own Thrift Store!I have always wanted to own one and I have dreams of how I would fix it up and run it. My store would be so different than all the other Thrift Stores we see out there that are set up somewhat the same. All have rows of clothes,dishes,electronics,etc..., well not so with mine!That is all I am going to reveal about my design so that I can possibly carry it out one day. I told my doctor that if I were to be able to work again I would go back to building and repairing computers,I talked to my daughter about this and realized that my first and biggest dream was hidden deep and did not surface while talking to my doctor. For on thing I take so long just repairing our own PC's that I don't believe it would be very profitable for me to even think of doing this ,besides I am unable to sit or stand long enough to get one done, in a timely manner for a customer, to make the business go at all . I want to own and run a great Thrift Store and help others along the way!This will never happen as long as I am living on this fixed income so I have to find some doctor that will at least give it a try to dig in my body and remove whatever it is causing the pain in my lower back down my legs and feet. I don't care about my neck as much right now because if I can walk more and get around better without so much pain I could become a useful citizen again. I want this so much and I am not going to give up just yet! I will keep pushing for that one doctor or that one procedure that will enable me to follow my dream in order to make it a reality! I am in so much pain lately that the pills they prescribe just barely make it tolerable. I do want to get away from all these pills that are just covering the real problem and the real problem is just getting worse as time goes on.. Nerves don't heal themselves as far as I know they just get more aggravated and give more pain, find new routes to take through your body and destroy more. I am feeling these things happening inside me and I want it stopped!I am still around so give me a holler!!More Later And We Hope In A Better Frame Of Mind!

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