Thursday, April 07, 2011

Just for Today!

I am up and it is hard to get going . I have felt this way for a few days now and can't get myself to do anything. I am constantly fighting with my mind, what do I do today; wash clothes, take a shower, vacuum,or whatever needs to be done. I then do nothing but sit and let my mind go into a whirlwind of thoughts like; why is it this way and why is it that way! Meaning I don't accept my condition of limits to what I can and cannot do. I am in constant pain in my legs and arms. Sometimes my headaches so bad I want to throw up, excuse the term. I did succeed today in taking my shower without help and I am proud of myself ! I know this may sound kind of ridiculous to some of you but, I do have a chronic pain problem along with other disorders; major depression, acute anxiety, and spondylosis (bone spurs on my spine, diffuse spondylosis). I am going to doctors for my condition but they don't always know exactly how to help you until they get to know everything about you. I keep wondering how long it takes for them to get to know you and what you need? I have been going for over seven years now to several different doctors and specialists without results. They do have my records from everyone I have seen so what's up with all this "I can't help you" or" we will put you on a different pill!"With all this in mind , I am also having family and financial difficulty,just about like anyone else out there. I can not get my head to work for me! I am in a stand up, sit down stand up, sit down syndrome and this is due to the pain with my spurs. I do wish I could get out of this whirlwind tho and I could sure use some tips . This concludes my Blog for the day. I hope everyone has a great spring day out there today,I will try my best to do the same!

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