Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Leaving Father Behind"

My  father, Kenneth, was a very heavy drinker and enjoyed going out to The Eagle's Lounge with his buddies. I guess some members of my family have been members of the Eagle's since 1909. My Great grandfather ,Ernest Shoemaker, was one of the first to join. Back to my father and his overindulgence. Just like most young men and women of all generations do, at times. I got, from stories I have heard , he was k-
nown to be quite the ladies man. Also got into a few squabbles here and there.
He was pushed into marriage in some ways according to my mother.She was pregnant by his child and my maternal grandmother was not going to let it go. They had what you would call a "shotgun wedding" so to speak! I am in need of a break here so I shall return shortly ,I hope!

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