Wednesday, February 02, 2011


A little more about myself: I was born in Sheridan ,Wyoming,1956. My family moved from state to state and then back again. We lived pretty much wherever we could ,tents,with others, in the car, if we had one of course. Reason for moving so much never occurred to me until I grew up and found out that my step-father had warrants and child support owing for his first family. Anyway,back to childhood; I have  so many siblings, I have to stop and think about who and where they all come in. O'kay here goes,I have one older brother and one older sister from my real father and mother,so that makes three of us so far. Then there are four children from my step-father and mother, seven of us now! My real father and step-mother had two children together so that would be nine, then step-mom had four children and my step-father had three children,so I guess that adds up to about sixteen in all. Wow! Too much for me to keep track of and I really don't keep in touch with all like I should once in a while. My real father,I didn't really get to know until about the age of thirteen to fourteen. He lived in California and never came around except one night when i was about nine years old, living in Arvada ,Wyoming. He was at our door asking my mother if he could take the three of us to Sheridan,about sixty miles away, for milkshakes. It was late at night I do remember and I assume the answer was no because I never saw him again until My brother ,sister and I decided that we wanted to go live with him.We were very unhappy with how we were living and did not like the environment of our household . There  were things happening in our household that did not set well with us . The job that brought money into our house was not exactly apropriate for, how do I say this, children being around and able to see  what was happening . My step-father was all for this and decided that my sister and I were old enough to start also!This was the start of a new life for the three of us and going to California was exciting and so scary! I need to stop here and stand awhile,my back is not liking the chair I'm in . Be back soon I hope!

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