Saturday, May 07, 2011

Added Words!

I would like to inform all who even care to read my Blog that I am having so much trouble with this PC that it is hard to keep up with writing and doing what I want with my Blog spot. I would love for you to look at my wishlist at and see what I have wished for. Especially a laptop so I can sit and stand easier and do my work!I know that it would be asking a lot for anyone to consider it but it doesn't hurt to try!The other stuff are just things that are pretty and not real important. My daughter and I are having a lot of trouble getting around since her Ford Truck (1970)won't start. We need to find a place or someone to help get it sold or trade for something she can drive so we can get food and do stuff that needs done just like everyone does.I feel trapped here and so does she since we have no friends to give us rides or family who care enough to even call us.Do you out there know a way for us to get a vehicle that will run just good enough to get back and forth and that would fit my electric wheelchair so I can go somewhere once in a while,besides my doctor appointments? I hope I will get some response ,any response, I am starting to think that this Blog thing is not even being read since I don't get any comments at all except from my daughter and that was just to test it out ,it does work!

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