Monday, April 04, 2011

New features Coming!

I have to apologize again to any readers out there, if I have any. I am going to change my blog to pages soon and it will take me some time to finish designing what I want do do with it. I am going to have separate pages for all my topics! I will continue my autobiography on a separate page and my journal will be here on the first page. I hope you will not stop reading my blog because of this! I will get it up and going again soon. Please realize that I am a new user for blogging and still learning the ins and outs of all I can do here. I want to do a good job at blogging and it takes a little bit of studying to do so. I have made a lot of mistakes already and I would like to avoid more of them as much as possible in the future. So, I will be back with , hopefully, some better and different quality to my blog spot. Thank you for your patience!

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