Wednesday, March 02, 2011

OOPS! Let's Begin Again!

She is just a baby ,born November 1956. A small town in Wyoming named Sheridan. She is about eight months old and has an older brother, three years old  and a sister, two years old . The door on Fifth street was locked from the outside. Drunk and angry after fighting with his wife, Father locked the door before leaving to who knows where . Mother has two broken ribs and is unable to get out . Evidently someone has found this out and came to her rescue. Father's relatives came,an aunt who cared very much for Mother and knew what was happening, brought other relatives with her to help break down the door. What they found  inside was not a pretty site! The children were dirty and Mother could hardly breath let alone try to take care of three small ones. This is how my Father lost the Transfer and Storage Company he owned . He was drunk and irresponsible all to often. He also lost his family, we ended up leaving him and never seeing him again until much later in our life. So, as earlier written , she did not know all these brothers and sisters until much later in her life.

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